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The light-harvesting core antenna (LH1) and the reaction centre (RC) of purple photosynthetic bacteria form a supramolecular complex (LH1-RC) to use sunlight energy in a highly efficient manner. Here we report the first near-atomic structure, to our knowledge, of a LH1-RC complex, namely that of a Ca(2+)-bound complex from Thermochromatium tepidum, which(More)
The purpose of this study was to know what quantity and quality of illuminance during the waking period is selected by subjects and to discuss these in terms of circadian rhythm of core temperature. Five females served as subjects. They were instructed to choose the intensity and color temperature of the illumination they preferred every 15 min during(More)
The fine structures of proteins, such as the positions of hydrogen atoms, distributions of valence electrons and orientations of bound waters, are critical factors for determining the dynamic and chemical properties of proteins. Such information cannot be obtained by conventional protein X-ray analyses at 3.0-1.5 Å resolution, in which amino acids are(More)
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