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Estimation of damages caused by a large earthquake is a major task in the post disaster mitigation process. To enhance the relief and rescue operation in the affected area it is required to receive rapid, accurate knowledge about the conditions of damaged area. Remote sensing techniques were proved to be useful to detect, identify and monitor the impact and(More)
Reverse transcription quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT-qPCR) is a technique widely used for quantification of mRNA transcription. Data normalization is an indispensable process for RT-qPCR and reference genes are most commonly used to normalize RT-qPCR and to reduce possible errors generated in the quantification of genes among several(More)
PID is the most common control method in the design of a tank artillery stabilizer which is a position servo control system. Usually, the overshoot conflicts with settling time. This paper presents the dual PID regulating method based on the sliding mode control which can realize both the smaller overshoot and the shorter settling time. The first PID(More)
Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) is a dynamic and inter-domain routing protocol with hierarchical architecture used in Internet networks routing. Area border router (ABR) had been proved to be an effective solution to the complicated network and scalability problem. Obviously, manual selection of ABR can not satisfy the dynamic change in the network load. A(More)
Target restoration space (TRS) is the most precise space required for designing optimal prosthesis. TRS consists of an internal or external tooth space to confirm the esthetics and function of the final restoration. Therefore, assisted with quantitive analysis transfer, TRS quantitative analysis is a significant improvement for minimum tooth preparation.(More)
Although traditional tooth preparation techniques (e.g., depth-groove-guided and index-guided techniques) are designed to improve preparation precision, the results are unsatisfactory because of the lack of proper estimating tools. This study proposed a novel technique, in which relevant details for preparation of drilling holes are provided and(More)
The target restoration space (TRS) is a required tooth space that should be occupied by an esthetically formed and optimally functioned crown, veneer, or other fixed restoration. It can be either internal of or external of a tooth. Since minimal invasive can't be achieved without a minimal TRS, a precise preparation of slightest damage should conform to the(More)
In China, the first electric vehicles charging station of high latitude and high alpine region was built in Heilongjiang Electric Power Research Institute. In this research, electric vehicles charging station was introduced including a 100 kW DC charger and the main circuit diagram of EV charging station. In order to improve power quality and suppress(More)
High resolution image provides an important new data source for object recognition. A method based on pyramid-structured wavelet transform (PSWT) for object recognition on high-resolution remote sensing image is put forward. First, the model image and the search image are decomposed to pyramid-structure by wavelet transform. A novel match metric is computed(More)
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