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The Drosophila adult posterior midgut has been identified as a powerful system in which to study mechanisms that control intestinal maintenance, in normal conditions as well as during injury or infection. Early work on this system has established a model of tissue turnover based on the asymmetric division of intestinal stem cells. From the quantitative(More)
The parasitic ciliate Ichthyophthirius multifiliis infests all species of freshwater fish and can cause severe economic losses in fish breeding. The present study aims to evaluate the antiparasitic activity of the active components from Toddalia asiatica against I. multifiliis. Bioassay-guided fractionation and isolation of compounds with antiparasitic(More)
Pig manure usually contains a large amount of metals, especially Cu and Zn, which may limit its land application. Rock phosphate has been shown to be effective for immobilizing toxic metals in toxic metals contaminated soils. The aim of this study work was to investigate the effect of rock phosphate on the speciation of Cu and Zn during co-composting of pig(More)
An investigation was carried out of the interactions between water and three globular proteins: Candida antarctica Lipase B (CaLB), Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA), and Lysozyme (Lys). Measurements were performed on hydrated proteins and protein solutions using dielectric relaxation spectroscopy over a wide range of frequency (10-2-109 Hz) and temperature (-100(More)
We describe a rare primary mixed granular cell astrocytoma and fibrosarcoma neoplasm, occurring in a 52-year-old female, with morphologic, immunohistochemical and molecular genetic features, whose tumor was entirely composed of granular cells and fibrosarcoma competent. This represents, to the best of our knowledge, the first report of the mixed granular(More)
Focal cortical dysplasia (FCD) type II is a major cause of drug-resistant epilepsy. In order to gain insight into the possible correlations between FCD II pathological pattern and different clinical characteristics (including clinical information, imaging characteristics and surgical outcomes), different clinicopathological characteristics in two types of(More)
Jujuboside B has been reported to have protective effect on many cardiovascular diseases. However, the effects of Jujuboside B on vascular tension and endothelial function are unknown. The present study investigated the effects of Jujuboside B on reducing vascular tension, protecting endothelial function and the potential mechanisms. The tension of isolated(More)
Adsorption of surfactants on solids plays an important role in industrial operations such as separation, lubrication, flotation, dispersion, chemical mechanical polishing, and enhanced oil recovery. In this work, adsorption of a typical biodegradable nonionic surfactant, n-dodecyl-beta-d-maltoside, on solids was studied to explore its potential(More)