Yu H. Zhou

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Underwater acoustic channels are recognized for being one of the most difficult propagation media due to considerable difficulties such as: multipath, ambient noise, time-frequency selective fading. The exploitation of sparsity contained in underwater acoustic channels provides a potential solution to improve the performance of underwater acoustic channel(More)
Rho-associated protein kinase 1 (ROCK1), a serine/threonine protein kinase, affects cell invasion and migration by changing the status of the cytoskeleton. In recent years, ROCK1 was found to be overexpressed in a variety of tumors. However, the information of ROCK1 in glioma still remains elusive. In our study, the expression of ROCK1 in glioma tissues was(More)
The “Freeter” and “NEET” phenomenon has escalated in recent years globally including Japan and Europe. It is also becoming a major problem in China. In this paper, we study the behavior of “Freeters” and “NEET” and research on the reasons that caused this phenomenon happened. Furthermore, we try and(More)
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