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We outline a framework for collaborative signal processing in distributed sensor networks. The ideas are presented in the context of tracking multiple moving objects in a sensor field. The key steps involved in the tracking procedure include event detection, target classification, and estimation and prediction of target location. Algorithms for various(More)
|The sparse feedback in reinforcement learning problems makes feature extraction diicult. We present importance-based feature extraction, which guides a bottom-up self-organization of feature detectors according to top-down information as to the importance of the features; we deene importance in terms of the reinforcement values expected as a result of(More)
Rare association rules are mine useful information form large dataset. Traditional association mining methods generate frequent rules based on frequent itemsets with reference of minimum support and minimum confidence threshold which specified by user. It called as support-confidence framework. As many of generated rules are of no use, further analysis is(More)
In reinforcement learning for multi-step problems, the sparse nature of the feedback aggravates the difficulty of learning to perform. This paper explores the use of a reinforcement learning architecture, leading to a discussion of reinforcement learning in terms of feature abstraction, credit-assignment, and temporal-difference learning. Issues discussed(More)
  • Yu H. Hu
  • Zhonghua wai ke za zhi [Chinese journal of…
  • 1990
An acutely experimental study on biliary compression and decompression as well as right splanchnic major nerve blocking was completed in Japanese big ear white rabbits. Using a self-made catheter with a blind cyst at bile duct, the extrahepatic biliary system could be cannulated and an experimental biliary high pressure of 150 mmHg could be achieved as long(More)
  • Yu H. Hu
  • [Zhonghua yan ke za zhi] Chinese journal of…
  • 1991
1,048 cases (1,360 eyes) of corneal disease during 1982 to 1987 with complete records were analyzed. It was found that the ratio of incidences between male and female was about 2:1, and the age was predominantly (66.5%) from 21 to 50 years. The leading blinding corneal disease was herpes simplex keratitis, and bacterial and mycotic infections were mostly(More)
A model of acute suppurative cholangitis with septicemia but without shock was made in 14 rabbits. Fourty-eight hours afterwards, reoperation was performed with the right major splanchnic nerve and right celiac plexus exposed for monitoring. A catheter with an inflatable rubber bag was inserted into the common bile duct via the duodenum for injection with(More)
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