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N etworks of small, densely distributed wireless sensor nodes are being envisioned and developed for a variety of applications involving monitoring and manipulation of the physical world in a tetherless fashion [1], [16], [17], [22], [23]. Typically, each individual node can sense in multiple modalities but has limited communication and computation(More)
  • Kok Fung Lai, Yu Hen Hu, Charles Dyer, John Gubner, James Bucklew, William Sethares +3 others
  • 1994
Acknowledgement I wish to express my sincerely gratitude to my advisor, professor Roland Chin, for his constant support and trust, their valuable input, and my wife, for her patience and love. Abstract This thesis presents an integrated approach in modeling, extracting, detecting and classifying deformable contours directly from noisy images. We begin by(More)
The prevalence of drug-resistant bacteria has encouraged the search for novel antimicrobial compounds. Food-associated microorganisms, as a source of new antibiotics, have recently received considerable attention. The objective of this study was to find novel antimicrobial agents produced by food microorganisms. A bacterial strain B7, which has potent(More)
Novel experimental techniques reveal the simultaneous activity of larger and larger numbers of neurons. As a result there is increasing interest in the structure of cooperative--or correlated--activity in neural populations, and in the possible impact of such correlations on the neural code. A fundamental theoretical challenge is to understand how the(More)
Motifs are patterns of subgraphs of complex networks. We studied the impact of such patterns of connectivity on the level of correlated, or synchronized, spiking activity among pairs of cells in a recurrent network model of integrate and fire neurons. For a range of network architectures, we find that the pairwise correlation coefficients, averaged across(More)
In this paper, we aimed to verify the emotional facilitation effect in the picture-word interference task using event-related potentials. Twenty-one healthy subjects were asked to categorize the emotional valences of pictures accompanied by emotionally congruent, either centrally or laterally positioned Chinese words. For both the foveal and lateral word(More)
Over repeat presentations of the same stimulus, sensory neurons show variable responses. This "noise" is typically correlated between pairs of cells, and a question with rich history in neuroscience is how these noise correlations impact the population's ability to encode the stimulus. Here, we consider a very general setting for population coding,(More)
According to our clinical observations from various aspects of stroke patients, such as the total incidence of aphasia, the incidence of aphasia after left brain damage of the dextrals, the aphasia that occurs in patients without hemiplegia, and the types of aphasia, a much higher incidence of crossed aphasia is seen among the stroke patients of the Han(More)
Emerging technologies are revealing the spiking activity in ever larger neural ensembles. Frequently, this spiking is far from independent, with correlations in the spike times of different cells. Understanding how such correlations impact the dynamics and function of neural ensembles remains an important open problem. Here we describe a new, generative(More)