Yu Guofang

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Web QoS is an important research field on today's Internet application. The current Web server basically adopts the agreement of HTTP/1.1 version, so the network connection is a model of time maintenance, not the typical cached mode. According to the operational features of this Web server, combined with a forward neural network to predict the response(More)
By the image processing and pattern recognition technology, the average background method and the Hausdorff distance method was used to video frames captured by the wireless mobile camera installed on the head of underground mine locomotive, mobile target was tracked in real-time to achieve the locomotive forward, backward and stop, judge its running track(More)
Fast convergence-rate, low computation complexity and good stability are important goals in the researching area of neural network learning algorithm. A kind of parallel computing lagged-start hybrid optimization algorithm is studied, it not only integrates the basic gradient method and the unconstrained optimization algorithm to realize the supplement of(More)
A character status recognition technology is studied based on the extraction of facial feature information, i.e., based on the image processing, recognition of person face, and the locating of pupil center, the essential feature information about his/her ears, mouth, nose and face outline are extracted. By the use of double group and trip encoding, a(More)
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