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Stereo video technology is an active research area in current video signal processing filed. More and more researchers are engaged in this field. Based on the Joint Multiview Video Model proposed by JVT (Joint Video Team), three existing stereo video coding schemes are studied in this paper. An improved scheme is proposed after the stereo video MacroBlock(More)
AVS-M is part seven of AVS standard, which is the second generation source coding standard of China. Because the system resource is limited in mobile platform compared with AVS P2, AVS-M has lower complexity, and is suitable for mobile-multimedia applications. The performance of AVS-M is close to H.264/AVC in the case of low rate bitstream. It is very(More)
This paper gives our researching work on how to design a music player based on Android OS. The music player, which uses the front-back end architecture, is divided into the part of music playback and the part of player interface and music list. Besides the playback functions, the music player can also do music rating by user preferences, showing the(More)
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