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The fuzzy model proposed by Takagi and Sugeno can represent highly nonlinear systems and is widely used for the representation of fuzzy rules. In this paper, the model is firstly modified to make its identification easier. Based on the fuzzy c-partition space, four criteria are proposed for optimization of the model parameters. Following that, a clustering(More)
This paper presents a systematic adaptive control strategy which can accomplish a variety of control objectives (position control, internal force control, constraints, and optimizations) for the generalized high-dimensional robotic systems (GHDRS) without restriction on target systems. Based on the concept of virtual decomposition by which a GHDRS is(More)
For model predictive control (MPC) of constrained systems, enlarging the feasible region is usually in conflict with improving the dynamic performance. To resolve the conflict, we proposed an efficient model predictive controller with pole placement for a class of discrete-time linear systems. By specifying a group of circular regions that contain the(More)
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