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Despite increasing interest in psychopathy research, surprisingly little is known about the etiology of non-incarcerated, successful psychopaths. This review provides an analysis of current knowledge on the similarities and differences between successful and unsuccessful psychopaths derived from five population sources: community samples, individuals from(More)
Designing sustainable animal production systems that better balance productivity and resistance to disease is a major concern. In order to address questions related to immunity and resistance to disease in pig, it is necessary to increase knowledge on its immune system and to produce efficient tools dedicated to this species. A long-oligonucleotide-based(More)
Only a few studies have examined hormones in psychopathy, and results have been mixed. It has been suggested that because hormone systems are highly interconnected, it may be important to examine multiple systems simultaneously to gain a clearer picture of how hormones work together to predispose for a certain construct. In the present study, we attempt to(More)
Syntheses of (R)-(-)-2-methoxyapomorphine (R-8), its antipode S-8, and its (R)-(-)-N-n-propyl R-9 derivatives are described. The dopaminergic receptor affinities of these compounds and their 2-unsubstituted counterparts (R)-(-)-apomorphine (R(-)-APO, R-1), (S)-(+)-apomorphine (S(+)-APO, S-1), and (R)-(-)-N-n-propylnorapomorphine (R(-)-NPA, R-2), as well as(More)
This study investigated the reasons for continued high rates of home births in rural Shanxi Province, northern China, despite a national programme designed to encourage hospital deliveries. We conducted semi-structured interviews with 30 home-birthing women in five rural counties and drew on hospital audit data, observations and interviews with local health(More)
Recently, nanomaterials coating gained much concern in orthopedic implants such as bone, cartilage, joint, etc. The wear particles would generate from coating in living organism due to corrosion. In this study, we demonstrated that the intraarticular injected anatase TiO2 nanoparticles had a potential toxicological effect on major organs and knee joints of(More)
A series of 3 beta-(p-substituted phenyl)tropane-2 beta-carboxylic acid methyl esters (2) were synthesized and found to possess high affinity for the cocaine binding site in rat striatum. The p-chloro (2c) and p-iodo (2n) compounds, which were the most potent analogues prepared, were found to be 85 and 78 times more potent than (-)-cocaine. The p-bromo (2m)(More)
This work evaluates the cytotoxicity of spherical mesoporous silica (MS) nano- and microparticles and investigates the effects of particle size, concentration, biodegradation products of MS, residual surfactant, and surfactant removal by extraction and calcination on the cytotoxicity. The results from the intracellular localization of spherical MS nano- and(More)
The tea weevil, Myllocerinus aurolineatus (Voss) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae), is a leaf-feeding pest of Camellia sinensis (O.Ktze.) with aggregative behaviors that can seriously reduce tea yield and quality. Although herbivore-induced host plant volatiles have been shown to attract conspecific individuals of some beetle pests, especially members of the(More)
BACKGROUND Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion is a standard treatment for symptomatic cervical disc disease, but pseudarthrosis and accelerated adjacent-level disc degeneration may develop. Cervical disc arthroplasty was developed to preserve the kinematics of the functional spinal unit. Trials comparing arthroplasty with anterior cervical discectomy(More)