Yu G. Chen

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In video transmission over the Internet, the quality of service is usually not guaranteed. The loss of a packet may result in the loss of a whole video frame. While most of the current error concealment techniques can only deal with the loss of macroblocks, our bi-directional temporal error concealment method can recover a whole missing frame. For each(More)
Multimedia applications including video data require the smoothing of video playout to prevent potential playout discontinuity. In this paper, we propose a dynamic video playout smoothing method, called the Wdeo Smoother, which dynamically adopts various playout rates in an attempt to compensate for high delay variance of networks. Specifically, if the(More)
& Conclusions-This paper assesses two categories of partition techniques for computing terminal-pair reliability (path-based and cut-based algorithms) by experimenting on published benchmarks; the criteria are the number of subproblems and the computation time. The cut-based algorithm is superior to the path-based algorithm with respect to the computation(More)
Sloshing phenomenon consists in the movement of liquids inside partially filled tanks, which generates dynamic loads on the tank structure. Resulting impact pressures are of great importance in assessing structural strength, and their correct evaluation still represents a challenge for the designer due to the high nonlinearities involved, with complex free(More)
A numerical scheme of study is developed to model compressible two-fluid flows simulating liquid sloshing in a partially filled tank. For a two-fluid system separated by an interface as in the case of sloshing, not only a Mach-uniform scheme is required but also an effective way to eliminate unphysical numerical oscillations near the interface. By(More)
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