Yu-Feng Kuo

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Flavonoids synthesized from chalcone precursors in plants have been shown to possess cytotoxic activities with therapeutic potential. We have isolated the novel chalcone flavokawain B from Alpinia pricei Hayata, a plant native to Taiwan that is used in food and traditional Chinese medicine. Here, we report for the first time that flavokawain B significantly(More)
A novel steganographic approach analogy to the real-world secret communication mechanism, in which secret messages are written on white papers using invisible ink like lemon juice and are revealed only after the papers are heated, is proposed. Carefully-designed informed embedders now play the role of "invisible ink"; some pre-negotiated attacks provided by(More)
Distributing video contents via broadcasting network mechanisms has become a promising business opportunity for the entertainment industry. However, since content piracy is always a serious problem, broadcasted contents must be adequately protected. Rather than implementing sophisticate key-management schemes for access control, an animation broadcast(More)
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