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One way of fully exploiting the channel capacity in multiple-input multiple-output orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (MIMO-OFDM) systems is to deploy precoding vectors derived from SVD to form parallel data pipes. Optimal precoding requires accurate channel state information for each OFDM subcarrier. This paper proposes a limited channel(More)
A human centric communication network (HCCN) is a communication network offering human centric (or, social-network-based) mobile Internet services. This paper proposes a three-layer network architecture to model the relationship among users, their social groups, and the serving radio access networks for HCCN. Based on this model, several advertising(More)
Multimedia broadcast/multicast service (MBMS) is one of the important services for 4th generation wireless communication systems. In this paper, we proposed a service architecture selection algorithm to find the best service architecture that maximizes the spectral efficiency of MBMS. Analytical models were presented to derive the average mutual information(More)
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