Yu-Fen Cheng

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BACKGROUND Sorafenib is the only approved agent recommended by the American Association Study of Liver Disease guidelines for hepatocellular carcinoma patients in Barcelona Clinic Liver Cancer stage C. AIMS To calculate and compare overall survival rates in hepatocellular carcinoma patients in Barcelona Clinic Liver Cancer stage C treated with various(More)
UNLABELLED Hypernatremia in the donor organ is one of the most dangerous risk factors that may cause primary graft loss after orthotopic liver transplantation (OLT). However, the viability of donor grafts from acute hypernatremic donors, which is likely to occur during resuscitation of trauma patients with hypertonic saline solution, has not been studied(More)
Partial hepatectomy is a major upper abdominal operation associated with certain stress to the patient. Successful adaptation to such stress is a prerequisite for survival. Donor hepatectomy with maximal safety is a principal concern during living donor liver transplantation. The purpose of the study was to compare the stress response by assessing cytokines(More)
Cellular schwannoma is a variant of classical schwannoma that is characterized by high cellularity. As it is accompanied by mitotic figures, it is easily mistaken for a malignant neoplasm. However, hyalinized thick-walled blood vessels, an alternating growth pattern of spindle-shaped neoplastic cells, and even Verocay bodies can be found. It is most(More)
In this study, the authors assessed the knowledge of healthcare providers regarding asthma care, examined the outcomes of continuing education for asthma care, and explored the relationships among demographic characteristics of the healthcare providers and the improvement in asthma care knowledge. Thirty-one pediatricians and 38 nurses in the pediatric(More)
The scientific computing is important research for industrial and society. And, the linear system becomes more important in scientific computing. However, the linear system solvers have many combinations. How to rapidly selecting a best method to solving matrices is expensive. In this paper, we present a linear system solvers platform, which offer easily(More)
BACKGROUND Postpartum depression is a common health problem for women following childbirth. Using effective social support to reduce postpartum depression has become an important issue. The current popularity of smartphones offers new possibilities for interventional methods. PURPOSE To investigate the effects of mobile-application-based social support(More)
Top 500 list is a competition for supercomputer rank in the world twice a year. How to employ the high performance LINPACK (HPL) to obtain the maximal LINPACK performance (Rmax) plays a key role in this competition. In this paper we propose these strategies for NCHC (National Center for High-Performance Computing) Formosa V GPU cluster that it is a(More)
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