Yu. F. Zhukovskii

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J. Carrasco,1 F. Illas,1,* N. Lopez,1 E. A. Kotomin,2,3 Yu. F. Zhukovskii,2 R. A. Evarestov,3,4 Yu. A. Mastrikov,3 S. Piskunov,2 and J. Maier3 1Departament de Química Física i Centre especial de Recerca en Química Teòrica, Universitat de Barcelona i Parc Científic de Barcelona, C/Martí i Franquès 1, E-08028 Barcelona, Spain 2Institute for Solid State(More)
R. A. Evarestov,*,† Yu. F. Zhukovskii,‡ A. V. Bandura,† and S. Piskunov‡,§,| Department of Quantum Chemistry, St. Petersburg State UniVersity, 26 UniVersitetsky AVenue, PetrodVorets 198504, Russia, Institute of Solid State Physics, UniVersity of LatVia, 8 Kengaraga Str., Riga LV-1063 LatVia, Faculty of Computing, UniVersity of LatVia, 19 Raina BlVd., Riga(More)
The results of kinetic MC simulations of the reversible pattern formation during the adsorption of mobile metal atoms on crystalline substrates are discussed. Pattern formation, simulated for submonolayer metal coverage, is characterized in terms of the joint correlation functions for a spatial distribution of adsorbed atoms. A wide range of situations,(More)
Theoretical Simulations on Electric Properties of CNT-Me and GNR-Me Interconnects Using Effective Media Approach Yu.N. Shunin a,b,∗, Yu.F. Zhukovskii b, N. Burlutskaya a, S. Bellucci c a Information Systems Management University, 91 Ludzas Str., LV-1003 Riga, Latvia b Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia, 8 Kengaraga Str., LV-1063 Riga,(More)
LCAO and PW DFT calculations of the lattice constant, bulk modulus, cohesive energy, charge distribution, band structure, and DOS for UN single crystal are analyzed. It is demonstrated that a choice of the uranium atom relativistic effective core potentials considerably affects the band structure and magnetic structure at low temperatures. All calculations(More)
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