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Process planning and production scheduling play important roles in manufacturing systems. Their roles are to ensure the availability of manufacturing resources needed to accomplish production tasks result from a demand forecast. In this paper, a fuzzy inference system(FI.9) in choosing alternative machines for integrated process planning and scheduling bf a(More)
With the development of computer networks, the spread of malicious network activities poses great risks to the operational integrity of many organizations and imposes heavy economic burdens on life and health. Therefore, risk assessment is very important in network security management and analysis. Network security situation analysis not only can describe(More)
Network security situation assessment can project the next behavior of the network by describing the current state. Security events from IDS, firewall, and other security tools are currently growing at a rapid pace. However, most intrusion event researches focus on IDS alerts, overlooking other intrusion evidence from other security tools, or they make(More)
In order to promote the development of the public security information building, the remote public security business information system comes into being. Because a lot of information for the public security is related to confidential information, it must be taken a digital copyright protection and encryption to ensure using the information safely. By(More)
Information security model is constructed by the method of decomposing security requirements from layer to layer and fractionalizing step by step through analyzing information security requirement in this paper. At the same time, object Petri net is introduced in the process of modeling information security system. Object Petri net can reduce problem state(More)
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