Yu Dongmei

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Elucidating protein translational regulation is crucial for understanding cellular function and drug development. A key molecule in protein translation is ribosome, which is a super-molecular complex extensively studied for more than a half century. The structure and dynamics of ribosome complexes were resolved recently thanks to the development of X-ray(More)
BACKGROUND Nowadays, more and more herbal drugs of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) rely on cultivation rather than natural resources because of overexploitation, and the study on quality of cultivated herbal medicines has become a hotspot in the research field of ecology of TCM resources. Though some of molecular biology techniques could improve the(More)
Network transmission capability is a key factor that affects the performance of grid. This paper presents an efficient data transmission method in which the serialized data is compressed before and decompressed after it is transmitted through networks. The SOAP extended intercept service is applied as a mean for the compression and decompression process, as(More)
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