Yu-Dong Xia

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Transcatheter closure of congenital heart defects with the use of septal occluders has been widely accepted as a preferred treatment; however, the high cost of these devices limits their clinical application in some countries. Few clinical data are available regarding lower-cost products. Accordingly, we evaluated the efficacy and safety of the Chinese-made(More)
Although chemotherapy is widely used to treat human cancers, most chemotherapeutic agents only benefit a small fraction of patients because of the heterogeneity of cancers. Therefore, identifying of the sensitivity of cancers toward various chemotherapies would be important for choosing of chemotherapeutic regime. In this study, a 23-gene chemoresistance(More)
To date, there is no effective marker to predict chemoresistance in cancers. In this study, we aimed to find a signature that can detect chemoresistance to taxane-based therapies in breast cancer. By studying the gene-expression profiling in discovery cohorts with 92 taxane-resistant and 68 taxane-sensitive patients, a 20-gene taxane-based chemotherapy(More)
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