Yu-Chung Huang

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In this paper, a monolithic complimentary metal– oxide–semiconductor (CMOS) autocompensated sensor transducer for capacitive measuring systems is newly presented. The proposed converter is compact and robust to integrate in capacitive measuring systems. The proposed autocompensated sensor transducer is attractive due to the fact that a digitized signal is(More)
This work explores the unique characteristics of flash memory in serving as a cache layer for disks. The experiments show that the proposed management scheme could save up to 20% energy consumption while reduce the read response time by the two third and the write response time by the five sixth of their counterparts. The estimated lifetime of the(More)
The radio frequency identification (RFID) system is vulnerable to various attacks, since data transmission between the reader and tags is based on wireless communication. Typical attacks are the forged-reader attack, forged-server attack, man-in-the-middle attack, tracking attack, replay attack, forward secrecy attack and denial of service attack, etc. Some(More)
In this paper, a 10-bit pipelined ADC for high frame-rate video/image capturing instruments and systems is newly proposed. The proposed pipelined data converter is attractive due to that the requirements of high frame-rate video/image capturing instruments and systems are successfully matched. Based upon the device parameters of 0.25 µm 1P5M CMOS(More)
In the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) system, a tag with a unique ID is attached to an object and a reader can recognize the object by identifying the attached tag. With this identified tag ID, the reader can then retrieve the related information of the object from the backend server database. Due to the nature of RF signals, the communication(More)
In this paper, a semi-cylindrical capacitive sensor with interface circuit using for fluidic measuring is newly proposed. The numerical analysis method to calculate the capacitance of the semi-cylindrical capacitive sensor is analyzed and discussed. Besides, the interface circuit is compact to simplify the circuit complexity, and could be easily implemented(More)
In this paper, a CMOS phase to digital transducer for optical incremental sensors is newly proposed. This chip adopts a proposed phase-shift method to easily generate phase shifts of signals by using a resistor chain. Different to PLL-based and ADC-based interpolation, the complexity and hardware cost can be relaxed in this proposed chip. Based upon the(More)