Yu-Chun Liu

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A low-power ultra-compact CMOS low-noise amplifier (LNA) in a shunt-resonating current-reused topology is presented. The common-source transistors are connected with a shunt-resonating inter-stage match network such that the bias current is shared to have low power consumption and RF signal is doubly amplified to have high gain and low noise figure. The(More)
These terms “functionality”, “usability” and “pleasurability” are being studied for many years. There are many standards or scales to evaluate, but there are fewer to discuss how to assess pleasurability. What's pleasurability? People are aware of the importance of living quality both materially and spiritually,(More)
In the design and operation of cold storage systems, the problems of saving operation cost and improving global economics of whole systems are equally important. Based on optimal control, yearly dynamic cooling loads and payback period, a method to design an optimal scheme is proposed. An approach to calculate and choose the chiller and cold storage tank(More)
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