Yu Chuanqiang

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The conventional method of principal component analysis (PCA) is reducing data dimensions directly from m to k (k<m) by one step. The lost information of PCA is holistically determined by the k. To reduce the lost information in the case of k is determined, we decrease the dimensions of the data from m to k by n(1lesnles(m-k))steps. This new PCA method(More)
The paper analyzes the characteristics and styles of the messages which are contained in the generally complicated testing control system. On the conflict between real-time message and the continuity of the state information, a new CAN bus network structure which is based on fault tolerant redundancy has been brought forward, and the protocol was(More)
The study is velocity control of multi-stage cylinder driven mechanism erecting, the nonlinear and time varying characteristics of the large mechanism erecting process is analyzed, the technology difficulties of robustness and stability is discussed. The angle velocity tracking control strategy of the erecting process is proposed, and the erecting angle(More)
To improve the reliability of the vehicle control system of a large scale weapon system, a scheme of adopting sensor redundancy is proposed. The structure of the redundancy adopts parallel redundancy and the dimensions of it are two. To solve the problem of dualistic decision with almost equal probability, a trapezium probability distribution function which(More)
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