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Ascorbic acid and glutathione (GSH) are antioxidants and free radical scavengers that provide the first line of defense against oxidative damage in the CNS. Using HPLC with electrochemical detection, we determined tissue contents of these antioxidants in brain and spinal cord in species with varying abilities to tolerate anoxia, including anoxia-tolerant(More)
The electrophysiological mechanisms by which changes in [K+]o suppress and initiate pacemaker activity were studied in guinea-pig isolated sino-atrial node (SAN) superfused in vitro. High [K+]o (10 mM or higher) gradually decreases maximum diastolic potential and action potential amplitude, until only subthreshold responses and eventually quiescence follow.(More)
i Numerical modelling of the growth of offshore sand waves Preface This thesis is my final work carried out for the double degree Master of Science programme in Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management at the Delft University of Technology and the National University of Singapore. The study was carried out at Deltares and covers various(More)
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