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This paper presents tunable lumped-element bandstop filters for the UHF-band cognitive radio systems. The two-pole filters are implemented using lumped elements with both single- and back-to-back silicon varactor diodes. The single diode filter tunes from 470 to 730 MHz with a 16-dB rejection bandwidth of 5 MHz and a filter quality factor of 52-65. The(More)
This paper presents on-chip slot-ring and horn antennas for wafer-scale silicon systems. A high efficiency is achieved using a 100-μm quartz superstrate on top of the silicon chip, and a low-loss microstrip transformer using the silicon back-end metallization. A finite ground plane is also used to reduce the power coupled to the TEM mode. The(More)
This paper presents the first 16-element wafer-scale phased array transmitter with scanning in both the E-and H-planes. The chip integrates a 108-112 GHz source, together with a 1·16 distribution network, amplifiers, 2-bit phase shifters on each cell, and an on-chip high efficiency differential dipole antenna. Measured patterns show scanning to(More)
3-antenna receive diversity is implemented within a smartphone form-factor to achieve gains in throughput (30% in median, 50% in the tail) and energy per bit over 2 antennas, with minimal increase to antenna volume even when supporting both low and high bands such as CELL (800 MHz) and PCS (1.9 GHz). Antenna designs are evaluated through simulations, and(More)
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