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It is conceivable that stimulating proteasome activity for rapid removal of misfolded and oxidized proteins is a promising strategy to prevent and alleviate aging-related diseases. Sulforaphane (SFN), an effective cancer preventive agent derived from cruciferous vegetables, has been shown to enhance proteasome activities in mammalian cells and to reduce the(More)
In this paper, we present a three-step multilingual dependency parser based on a deterministic shift-reduce parsing algorithm. Different from last year, we separate the root-parsing strategy as sequential labeling task and try to link the neighbor word dependences via a near neighbor parsing. The outputs of the root and neighbor parsers were encoded as(More)
Although it is well established that the cell cycle inhibitor p21 protects against genotoxic stress by preventing the replication of damaged DNA, recent studies have shown that the cytoplasmic form can also protect. It protects by delaying the loss of the antiapoptotic proteins Mcl-1 and Bcl-X(L); however, the mechanism of regulation is unknown. Utilizing(More)
Phrase pattern recognition (phrase chunking) refers to automatic approaches for identifying predefined phrase structures in a stream of text. Support vector machines (SVMs)-based methods had shown excellent performance in many sequential text pattern recognition tasks such as protein name finding, and noun phrase (NP)-chunking. Even though they yield very(More)
Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Ming Chuan University, No. 5, De-Ming Rd., Gweishan District, Taoyuan 333, Taiwan, ROC Department of Communication and Management, Ming Chuan University, No. 250, Zhong Shan N. Rd., Taipei 111, Taiwan, ROC Graduate Institute of Network Learning Technology, National Central University, No. 300,(More)
Papillomavirus DNA replication occurs in the nucleus of infected cells and requires the viral E1 protein, which enters the nuclei of host epithelial cells and carries out enzymatic functions required for the initiation of viral DNA replication. In this study, we investigated the pathway and regulation of the nuclear import of the E1 protein from bovine(More)
Papillomavirus E2 proteins are critical regulatory proteins that function in replication, genome segregation, and viral transcription, including control of expression of the viral oncogenes, E6 and E7. Sumoylation is a post-translational modification that has been shown to target and modulate the function of many transcription factors, and we now(More)
This study characterized the expression and subcellular localization of the IGF-1R in human corneal epithelial cells. Using a human telomerase-immortalized corneal epithelial cell line, IGF-1R expression and localization was assayed by immunofluorescence and subcellular fractionation followed by western blot. IGF-1R expression was confirmed in primary(More)
Several phrase chunkers have been proposed over the past few years. Some state-of-the-art chunkers achieved better performance via integrating external resources, e.g., parsers and additional training data, or combining multiple learners. However, in many languages and domains, such external materials are not easily available and the combination of multiple(More)