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control systems. This very clearly written book is an excellent instructional text for the undergraduate student, the first-year graduate student, and the practicing control system engineer who wishes to update his basic knowledge (either by self-study or as a text in an industrial continuing education program). Shinners has succeeded in writing a very(More)
The subgradient method is used frequently to optimize dual functions in Lagrangian relaxation for separable integer programming problems. In the method, all subproblems must be solved optimally to obtain a subgradient direction. In this paper, the surrogate subgradient method is developed, where a proper direction can be obtained without solving optimally(More)
In this paper we argue that ordinal rather than cardinal optimization, i.e., concentrating on finding good, better, or best designs rather than on estimating accurately the performance value of these designs, offers a new, efficient, and complementary approach to the performance optimization of systems. Some experimental and analytical evidence is offered(More)
The Witsenhausens counterexample is a difficult nonconvex functional optimization problem which has been outstanding for more than 30 years. Considerable amount of literature has been accumulated, but optimal solutions remain elusive. In this paper, we develop a framework that allows us to gain additional new insights to the properties of a better solution(More)
The idea of declaring a reward (punishment) for a decision maker according to his particular choice of action in order to induce certain "desired" behavior on the part of the decision maker is known as incentive (threat). This practice is age old. However, only in recent years have the notions been formalized. In the development of a control-theoretic view(More)
Two detectors making independent observations must decide which one of two hypotheses is true. The decisions are coupled through a common cost function. It is shown that the detectors’ optimal decisions are characterized by thresholds which are coupled and whose computation requires the solution of two coupled sets of dynamic programming equations. An(More)
Get3, Get4, and Get5 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae participate in the insertion of tail-anchored proteins into the endoplasmic reticulum membrane. We elucidated the interaction between Get4 and Get5 and investigated their interaction with Get3 and a tetratricopeptide repeat-containing protein, Sgt2. Based on co-immunoprecipitation and crystallographic(More)
Ordinal Optimization is a tool to reduce the computational burden in simulation-based optimization problems. The major effort in this field so far focuses on single-objective optimization. In this paper we extend this to multi-objective optimization, and develop Vector Ordinal Optimization, which is different from the one introduced in Ref. 1. Alignment(More)
In this paper, we present a complete and novel solution to the well known buffer storage design problem in a serial production line. The key ingredient of the solution is the efficient calculation of the gradient vector of the throughput with respect to the various buffer sizes. Analytical and experimental results are presented.