Yu-Cheol Lee

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This paper presents an efficient method for building a topological map for robots in urban environments based on a geographic information system (GIS) such as satellite maps. In urban space, mobile robots need a special map, such as a topological map, to generate a path toward their goal. Unlike a car map, a topological map for mobile robot navigation(More)
This paper presents a technique for accurate localization of mobile robots using an enhanced topological map and using the low-cost sensors such as wheel odometer, global positioning system (GPS), and mono-camera. The localization framework is based on EKF to fuse the sensor data and the topological map. The sensor data include the positions of traffic(More)
A mobile robot must be able to build a reliable map of surroundings and estimate its position. We have developed a technique for a grid-based localization of a mobile robot with ultrasonic sensors using extended Kalman filter (EKF). For this, we used grids themselves as landmarks of the environment. The grid-based localization can minimize the use of(More)
We determined the complete mitochondrial genome sequence of the marine polychaete Perinereis aibuhitensis (Grube, 1878) (Phyllodocida, Nereididae), a dominant species in the mudflat of the West Pacific and Indian Ocean. The complete genome of P. aibuhitensis is 15,852 bp in size including 13 protein coding genes (PCGs), 2 rRNA and 22 tRNA with the same gene(More)
This paper provides a controller designed for a tethered-robot guiding system, which is used for a robot guidance in ubiquitous environment. The controller consists of two loops: an open-loop and a feedback closed-loop. The goal of open-loop controller is to generate commands for the speed control of robot’s wheels and the goal of closed-loop controller is(More)
This paper has proposed a mapping system to build the RSSI-based fingerprint database for indoor localization. The mapping system has been developed practically to achieve two main objectives, fast and accurate radio-map construction. For the first aim, we implement the specially designed handheld mapping cart consisting of an odometer, a LiDAR, and a WLAN(More)