Yu-Cheng Chuang

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Patent value is defined and described from the following 3 aspects; market value, legal value and technological value. There have been done several researches regarding market value and legal value of patents, but no specific researches on technological value of patents, which can be evaluated from patented invention. The technological value is essential to(More)
A low power and dual-band (4.36 and 7.54GHz) voltage control oscillator (VCO) is designed and implemented in TSMC 0.18pm CMOS 1P6M process. The supply voltage is 1.2V. This circuit have dual-band tuning range of 7.54~7.72 GHz and 4.2~4.36 GHz at power consumption is 4.32 mW and 4.2mW respectively. And frequency at 4.36 GHz and 7.54 GHz, the phase noise at 1(More)