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In this paper, a reversible image hiding scheme based on histogram shifting for medical images is proposed. As we know, the histogram-based reversible data hiding is limited by the hiding capacity, which is influenced by the overhead of position information that has to be embedded in the host image. To solve this problem, the similarity of neighboring(More)
This paper proposes a reversible data embedding scheme based on a VQ image compression technique which emphasizes that the original VQ compressed codes can be recovered after data extraction. In this proposed scheme, a VQ codebook, which had already been clustered into three groups, was adopted to achieve secret concealment and data recovery. In order to(More)
This paper presents a prediction-based image-hiding scheme that embeds secret data into compression codes during image compression. This scheme employs a two-stage structure: a prediction stage and an entropy coding stage. The secret data is embedded into the difference values of a given image after the prediction stage is performed. According to the(More)
A joint image coding and image authentication scheme based on absolute moment block truncation coding (AMBTC) is proposed. In the proposed scheme, the authentication data is generated by using the pseudo random sequence. Then, the authentication codes are embedded into the bit maps of AMBTC-compressed image blocks. The embedded bit maps and these(More)
This paper proposes a novel lossless index compression algorithm that explores the interblock correlation in the index domain and the property of the codebook ordering. The goal of this algorithm is to improve the performance of the VQ scheme at low bit rate while keeping low computation complexity. In this algorithm, the closest codeword in the codebook is(More)
PURPOSE Recent studies have demonstrated that magnetic-resonance spectroscopic imaging (MRSI) of the prostate may effectively distinguish between regions of cancer and normal prostatic epithelium. This diagnostic imaging tool takes advantage of the increased choline plus creatine versus citrate ratio found in malignant compared to normal prostate tissue.(More)
Digital watermarking has been widely applied to solve copyright protection problems of digital media relating to illegal use or distribution. In the past few years, several gray-level image watermarking schemes have been proposed, but their application to color image watermarking schemes is scarce and usually works on the luminance or individual color(More)
A reversible data hiding scheme based on residual histogram shifting for the compressed images of block truncation coding (BTC) is proposed. This scheme employs an iterative approach to embed the secret data into the compressed codes of BTC. In each round, the quantization levels are processed by the block-based prediction technique to generate the residual(More)