Yu-Chen Chen

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BACKGROUND Alternative splicing is an important mechanism that increases protein diversity and functionality in higher eukaryotes. Affymetrix exon arrays are a commercialized platform used to detect alternative splicing on a genome-wide scale. Two probe summarization algorithms, PLIER (Probe Logarithmic Intensity Error) and RMA (Robust Multichip Average),(More)
Renewable and clean "green" electronics based on paper substrates is an emerging field with intensifying research and commercial interests, as the technology combines the unique properties of flexibility, cost efficiency, recyclability, and renewability with the lightweight nature of paper. Because of its excellent optical transmittance and low surface(More)
With the explosive growth of multimedia applications, video transmission over HSDPA networks has attracted more and more attentions. Particularly in the last few years, lots of special transmission schemes have been proposed to improve the end-to-end qualities of mobile video applications. However, due to lack of a common video delivery simulation platform(More)
Paper, a low-cost and flexible substrate made from cellulose fiber, is explored in this study as a platform for fast electrochemical energy storage devices. Conductivity and Li-storage capabilities are introduced to the paper by functionalization with carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and V 2 O 5 , respectively. The Li-storage paper cathodes present a remarkably high(More)
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