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We first provide an overview of some of the latest developments in wireless communications using multiple transmitters and multiple receivers. We point out the importance of SNR control in fast random fading environment. For applications where large antenna arrays are not suitable, we introduce the concept of wireless antennas or wireless relays that are(More)
In this paper we present a process model for developing usable cross-cultural websites. Compatible with ISO 13407, the process model documents an abstraction of the design process focusing on cultural issues in development. It provides a framework in which a variety of user-based and expert-based techniques for analysis and design are placed within the(More)
Aim Predictions of ecosystem responses to climate warming are often made using gap models, which are among the most effective tools for assessing the effects of climate change on forest composition and structure. Gap models do not generally account for broad-scale effects such as the spatial configuration of the simulated forest ecosystems, disturbance, and(More)
— For four (or more) transmitters, a new design of differential space-time block code allowing symbol-wise decoding is presented in this letter. The new design not only has the minimum (symbol-wise) decoding complexity as that by Yuen, Guan and Tjhung (YGT) but also yields a lower error rate. While the YGT code uses a specially designed symbol(More)
It is shown that for four-transmitter systems, a family of four-by-four unit-rate complex quasi-orthogonal space–time block codes, where each entry equals a symbol variable up to a change of sign and/or complex conjugation, can be generated from any two independent codes via elementary operations. The two independent groups of codes in the family generally(More)
The aboveground carbon sequestration rate (ACSR) reflects the influence of climate change on forest dynamics. To reveal the long-term effects of climate change on forest succession and carbon sequestration, a forest landscape succession and disturbance model (LANDIS Pro7.0) was used to simulate the ACSR of a temperate forest at the community and species(More)