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Medical image segmentation has important significance for thickness estimation of the articular cartilage and joint disease diagnosis. In this study, a novel automatic segmentation method based on Hough transform and edge detection was proposed to divide femoral cartilage in human hip joint from MR images. MR image was interpolated, smoothed and enhanced in(More)
Stationary pulse solutions of the cubic-quintic complex Ginzburg-Landau equation are related to heteroclinic orbits in a three-dimensional dynamical systems and they are usually obtained using numerical simulation. The harmonic balance method has severe limitation in computing homoclinic/heteroclinic orbits since the period of such orbits is infinite. In(More)
23.1 Let A be a nonsingular square matrix and let A = QR and A∗A = U∗U be QR and cholesky factorizations, respectively, with the usual normalization rjj, ujj > 0. Is it true or false that R = U? Solution: It is true. Since A is nonsingular, it will have a unique QR factorization with rjj > 0. Then we have A∗A = R∗Q∗QR = R∗R because Q is a unitary matrix. On(More)
Images produced from the Maximum Correlation Method sometimes suuer from visible striping artifacts, especially for areas of extended sources. Possible causes are diierent baseline levels and calibration errors in the detectors. We incorporated these factors in the MCM algorithm, and tested the eeects of diierent constraints on the output image. The result(More)
Self-assembly of supramolecular structures has become an attractive means to create new biologically inspired materials and interfaces. We report the first robust hybrid bilayer systems readily coassembled from amphiphilic dendrimers and a naturally occurring phospholipid. Both concentration and generation of the dendrimers have direct impacts on the(More)
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