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Met-[A6-Ser, A11-Ser]-human proinsulin (Mut-HPI) was prepared in the same way as described previously for Met-human proinsulin (Met-HPI). After trypsin and carboxypeptidase B cleavage and DEAE-Sephadex A25 separation, Met-[A6-Ser, A11-Ser]-human insulin (Mut-HI) and Met-human insulin (Met-HI) were obtained. Their amino-acid compositions are in a good(More)
Twenty-four coccidia-free goats were reared artificially in indoor cages and allocated to 6 groups of 4 animals each. At 20 days of age, goats in groups 1–3 received 104,105 and 106 sporulated oocysts of Eimeria ninakohlyakimovae per goat, respectively, each as a single dose. Goats in group 4 received daily doses increasing over a 3-week period, starting(More)
Coccidial oocysts were seen in the bile from five goats infected with coccidia either naturally or artificially. The oocysts measured on average 21.3 by 18.3 microns and resembled those of Eimeria ninakohlyakimovae. Livers and gall bladders of infected animals showed various degrees of histopathological changes. In the worst case, bile had a thick(More)
  • Y Dai, J G Tang
  • Biochemistry and molecular biology international
  • 1994
The mutant proinsulin gene was constructed with the codons for A6 and A11 Cys changed to Ser to delete intra-A chain disulfide bond. After expression and purification, the mutations in the protein were further confirmed by amino acid composition. Electrophoretic mobility of the mutant proinsulin is similar to that of human proinsulin, so are the products of(More)
Solute carrier family 12 member 5 (SLC12A5), an integral membrane KCl cotransporter, which maintains chloride homeostasis in neurons, is aberrantly expressed and involved in the tumorigenesis of certain cancers. However, the clinical significance and biological role of SLC12A5 in human bladder urothelial carcinoma (BUC) remains unclear. In this study, the(More)
1 Department of Neurology, Luzhou Medical College, Luzhou, 646000, China 2 Center for Nuclear Receptors and Cell Signaling, University of Houston, 3605 Cullen Blvd, Houston, TX 77204, USA 3 Department of Neurology, The first affiliated hospital of Chongqing medical university, Chongqing, 40016, China 4 Department of otolaryngology, Guizhou Provincial(More)
In this study, the association between the 729G/C polymorphism in Toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4) and the risk of bladder cancer was investigated. A total of 376 patients with bladder cancer and 380 healthy volunteers from the Third Xiangya Hospital of Central South University (China) were enrolled in this study between January 2008 and February 2014. The(More)
BACKGROUND Three kinds of pain-relieving substances, namely, endorphins, enkephalins and dynorphins, can be released by stimulating the relevant acupoints with the dense-disperse mode of nerve stimulator. The neurochemical mechanisms of pain relief by acupoint stimulation have been widely studied and proved. In the present study, we investigated the(More)
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