Yu Bin

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  • Neri Merhav, Boston Delft, Sergio Verdú, Venkat Anantharam, Uc Berkeley, Roger Cheng +45 others
  • 2010
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OBJECTIVE Since the color of esthetic brackets should match that of teeth, the aims of this study were to determine the color and translucency of esthetic brackets by means of the clinically relevant use of a spectroradiometer, and to compare the color of brackets with that of a commercial shade guide. METHODS The color of central and tie-wing regions of(More)
The flexible job shop scheduling problem is a well-known combinatorial optimization problem. This paper proposes an improved shuffled frog-leaping algorithm to solve the flexible job shop scheduling problem. The algorithm possesses an adjustment sequence to design the strategy of local searching and an extremal optimization in information exchange. The(More)
  • Daniel P Palomar, Yi Jiang, Boston Delft, D P Palomar, Y Jiang, Sergio Verdú +47 others
  • 2007
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  • Xin Jiang, Xin Jiang, Yang Liu, Yu Bin, Ming Jiang, Yang Liu +1 other
  • 2006
Aerosol optical thickness (AOT) retrieved by the Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer (MISR) from 2002 to 2004 were compared with AOT measurements from an Aerosol Robotic Network (AERONET) site located in Beijing urban area. MISR and AERONET AOTs were highly correlated, with an overall linear correlation coefficient of 0.93 at 558nm wavelength. On average,(More)
Two algorithms for the phase retrieval of hard X-ray in-line phase contrast imaging are presented. One is referred to as Iterative Angular Spectrum Algorithm (IASA) and the other is a hybrid algorithm that combines IASA with TIE (transport of intensity equation). The calculations of the algorithms are based on free space propagation of the angular spectrum.(More)