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Let G be a mixed graph and let L(G) be the Laplacian matrix of the graph G. The first eigenvalue and the first eigenvectors of G are respectively referred to the least nonzero eigenvalue and the corresponding eigenvectors of L(G). In this paper we focus on the properties of the first eigenvalue and the first eigenvectors of a nonsingular unicyclic mixed(More)
Aimed at the mechanical scanning spectroscopy equipment with poor anti-interference and anti-jamming ability, which affects the accuracy of its natural gas pipeline leak detection in the wild, a new type of lateral shearing interferometer system was designed. The system uses a beam splitter to get optical path difference by a mechanical scanning part, and(More)
To be able to quickly and efficiently identify Enemy camouflaged maneuvering targets in the wild environment, target recognition system was designed based on spectral detection technology and video target recognition method. System was composed of the visible light image acquisition module and static interferometer module. The system used image recognition(More)
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