Yu. B. Burykin

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Experimental study of the hydroplasmic flows in Gonothyraea loveni (Allm., 1859) uncovers a hydraulic principle determining the functioning of a pulsatory-type distribution system in colonial hydroids during metamorphosis of the planula, formation of the primary shoot, and colony growth. The absence of regulation of the hydroplasmic movement cycle is(More)
In this study, we continued the investigation of the distribution system of colonial hydroids in the course of its development, starting with its emergence during the planula metamorphosis and ending with the formed colony. The hydroplasmic stream system of two species of colonial hydroids—Perigonimus abyssi G.O. Sars, 1874, and Stauridia producta Wright,(More)
The hydroplasmic flow system (HPF) and the redistribution patterns of hydroplasm volumes in three feeding modes (proximal, distal, and uniform) in the uniradiate colonies of Dynamena pumila (L., 1758) (Hydrozoa, Sertulariidae) were studied. The hydroplasmic flows in the colonies are not synchronized. The net flow is represented as multiple individual(More)
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