Yu. B. Alakhov

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Thermophilic and thermoresistant strains of bacilli were screened on a medium containing Chrome Azurol S for the producers of siderophores. It was found that the Bacillus licheniformis VK21 strain dramatically increases secretion of the metabolite, a chelator of Fe3+, in response to addition of manganese(II) salts. The growth of the producer on a minimal(More)
A collection of thermophilic strains of the genus Bacillus was made. The strains were screened for antimicrobial activity. Strains VK2 and VK21 isolated from thermal springs of the Kamchatka Peninsula, and antagonistic to several gram-positive bacterial species were chosen for further investigation of antibiotics produced by them. Restriction analysis of(More)
Fourteen thermophilic and thermostable strains of the genus Bacillus were studied. Total DNA was isolated from these strains and used as a template to identify and clone peptide synthetase genes by means of polymerase chain reaction. Amplified DNA fragments were cloned into a phasmid vector, and nucleotide sequences of cloned fragments were determined.(More)
Покaзaно, что aргинин-содержaщие пептиды перед их мaсс-спектрометри ровaнием следует преврaщaть в соответсвующие орнитиновые или пиримидилорнити-н овые пептиды путем гидрaзинолизa или гетероциклизaции сβ-дикaрбонильными соединениями.
Three 18-membered analogues of the N-terminal fragment of the sarcotoxin IA cationic antimicrobial peptide were synthesized by the solid phase method of peptide synthesis with the use of swellographic monitoring. The ability of these peptides to inhibit the growth of various bacteria in culture medium and their hemolytic activity in experiments on human(More)
Recombinant plasmids containing genes for the green fluorescent protein (GFP) from Aequorea victoriaand the photoprotein obelin from Obelia longissimalinked in-frame by inserts differing in nucleotides sequences were constructed. The expression of the chimeric genes in Escherichia colicells resulted in synthesis of the GFP–obelin hybrid proteins. These(More)
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