Yu-An Chung

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Deep learning has been one of the most prominent machine learning techniques nowadays, being the state-of-the-art on a broad range of applications where automatic feature extraction is needed. Many such applications also demand varying costs for different types of mis-classification errors, but it is not clear whether or how such cost information can be(More)
The vector representations of fixed dimensionality for words (in text) offered by Word2Vec have been shown to be very useful in many application scenarios, in particular due to the semantic information they carry. This paper proposes a parallel version, the Audio Word2Vec. It offers the vector representations of fixed dimensionality for variable-length(More)
libact is a Python package designed to make active learning easier for general users. The package not only implements several popular active learning strategies, but also features the active-learning-by-learning meta-algorithm that assists the users to automatically select the best strategy on the fly. Furthermore, the package provides a unified interface(More)
Embedded graphic processing unit (GPU) is an indispensable component in enabling real-time rendering and graphic applications on mobile devices. However, embedded GPU consumes a considerable energy [1] which is critical for battery-operated devices. To understand the energy consumption of a graphic application, conventional approaches suggested the energy(More)
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