Yu A Reznikov

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Photorefractive diffraction gratings were studied in cells of homeotropically aligned pentyl-cyanobiphenyl liquid crystal. These holographic gratings were induced by the simultaneous and nonsimultaneous application of dc and coherent optical electric fields. The observed behavior was consistent with a predominantly surface-mediated photorefractive effect.(More)
Light-induced director reorientation in dye-doped nematic liquid crystals was recently reported to be an efficient method of writing permanent holographic gratings with high sensitivity [Phys. Rev. Lett. 82, 1855 (1999)]. We report the achievement of stable director reorientation in the same materials by means of a single 4-ns pulse of the second harmonic(More)
We show that adsorption of dye molecules control the light-induced alignment of dye-doped nematic liquid crystal (LC) on a nonphotosensitive polymer surface. The dependencies of light-induced twist structures on exposure, thermal baking, thickness, and aging before irradiation of the LC cells allowed us to propose the following mechanism for the alignment.(More)
Fast surface reorientation induced by a single 4-ns low-energy laser pulse in dye-doped liquid crystals is reported. The reorientation is due to light-induced modification of the surface anisotropy, which affects the liquid crystal's director through the appearance of a preferred direction on the irradiated surface. The detected signals can be interpreted(More)
The Onsager theory of hard rod dispersion in a neutral solvent is extended to a case of two-component dispersion consisting of both non-magnetic and magnetic rods. It was found that the alignment of magneto-sensitive dispersion component by a magnetic field leads to the alignment of non-magnetic component in the dispersion and to an elimination of the(More)
We report a strategy to assemble and manipulate nanoparticles arrays. The approach is based on the use of topological defects, namely disclination lines, created in chiral liquid crystals. The control of nanoparticle-loaded topological defects by low power light is demonstrated. Large-scale rotation, translation and deformation of quantum dots(More)
Excess ion adsorption gamma induced by the polarization image forces in the system of a metal electrode/symmetric electrolyte solution separated by an insulating interlayer has been calculated. The adopted theoretical scheme involves the Coulomb Green's function in a three-layer system with sharp interfaces and specular reflection at them. The influence of(More)
Here we report a study of chain formation and the magnetic anisotropy induced by them in suspensions of slightly anisotropic Fe3O4 nanoparticles in water and in aqueous V2O5 suspensions. An investigation into the magnetization of the fluid and frozen suspensions, the application of dynamic light scattering techniques and the observation of the magnetic(More)
We present basic characteristics and a model of photoinduced anchoring of liquid crystals (LCs) on a chalcogenide surface. It was found that characteristics of the alignment strongly depend on the LC material for the same chalcogenide glass. The photoalignment is partially reversible and can be controlled by changing the light polarization direction. We(More)