Yu.A. Kuznetsov

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(2005). Two-parameter nonsmooth grazing bifurcations of limit cycles: classification and open problems. General rights This document is made available in accordance with publisher policies. Please cite only the published version using the reference above. Full terms of use are available: Explore Bristol Research is a digital archive and the intention is(More)
We present new or improved methods to continue heteroclinic and homoclinic orbits to fixed points in iterated maps and to compute their fold bifurcation curves, corresponding to the tangency of the invariant manifolds. The proposed methods are applicable to general n-dimensional maps and are implemented in matlab. They are based on the continuation of(More)
In this paper we extend the Gaussian self–consistent method to permit study of the equilibrium and kinetics of conformational transitions for heteropolymers with any given primary sequence. The kinetic equations earlier derived by us are transformed to a form containing only the mean squared distances between pairs of monomers. These equations are further(More)
The description of technical, methodical and software solutions aimed at creating a measuring device for neural network recognition of a wide class of chemical substances based on semiconductor multisensor matrices.
The parity-violating longitudinal analyzing power, A(z), has been measured in pvectorp elastic scattering at an incident proton energy of 221 MeV. The result obtained is A(z) = [0.84+/-0.29(stat)+/-0.17(syst)]x10(-7). This experiment is unique in that it selects a single parity violating transition amplitude (3P2 - 1D2) and consequently directly constrains(More)
— Using the Gaussian Ansatz for the monomer–monomer correlation functions we derive a set of the self–consistent equations for determination of the conformational state in the bead–and–spring copolymer model. The latter is based on the Edwards type effective free energy functional with arbitrary two–body interaction matrix. The rate of conformational(More)