Yu A Bakhirkin

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A new approach to detecting a weak photoacoustic signal in a gas medium is described. Instead of a gas-filled resonant acoustic cavity, the sound energy is accumulated in a high- Q crystal element. Feasibility experiments utilizing a quartz-watch tuning fork demonstrate a sensitivity of 1.2x10(-7) cm(-1) W/ radicalHz . Potential further developments and(More)
A continuous-wave, mid-infrared, distributed feedback, interband cascade laser was used to detect and quantify formaldehyde (H2CO) using off-axis, integrated cavity output spectroscopy in gas mixtures containing ≈ 1–25 parts in 106 by volume (ppmV) of H2CO. Analysis of the spectral measurements indicates that a H2CO concentration of 150 parts in 109 by(More)
A novel continuous-wave mid-infrared distributed feedback interband cascade laser was utilized to detect and quantify formaldehyde (H2CO) using quartzenhanced photoacoustic spectroscopy. The laser was operated at liquid-nitrogen temperatures and provided single-mode output powers of up to 12 mW at 3.53 μm (2832.5 cm−1). The noise equivalent (1σ) detection(More)
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