Yrjo Helariutta

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Asymmetric cell divisions play an important role in the establishment and propagation of the cellular pattern of plant tissues. The SHORT-ROOT (SHR) gene is required for the asymmetric cell division responsible for formation of ground tissue (endodermis and cortex) as well as specification of endodermis in the Arabidopsis root. We show that SHR encodes a(More)
In the Arabidopsis root meristem, initial cells undergo asymmetric divisions to generate the cell lineages of the root. The scarecrow mutation results in roots that are missing one cell layer owing to the disruption of an asymmetric division that normally generates cortex and endodermis. Tissue-specific markers indicate that a heterogeneous cell type is(More)
We have identified a gene, Lateral Root Development 3 (LRD3), that is important for maintaining a balance between primary and lateral root growth. The lrd3 mutant has decreased primary root growth and increased lateral root growth. We determined that the LRD3 gene encodes a LIM-domain protein of unknown function. LRD3 is expressed only in the phloem(More)
Communication between cells is a crucial step to coordinate organ formation and tissue patterning. In plants, the intercellular transport of metabolites and signalling molecules occur symplastically through membranous structures (named plasmodesmata) that traverse the cell wall to connect the cytoplasm and endoplasmic reticulum of neighbouring cells. This(More)
Javier Abadia Suzanne R. Abrams Elena Algar A.D. Ali Suleyman I. Allakhverdiev Andrew Allan Domingos Almeida Paula Andrade Klaus Appenroth G-I Arimura Ricardo Aroca Han Asard Stefania Astolfi Ross Atkinson T. Ayala-Silva Polat Aytekin Alma Balestrazzi Frantisek Baluska Zsofia Banfalvi Carlos Bartoli S. Bautista-Barios Nacer Bellaloui Jose Beltrano Susanne(More)
Manef Abderrabba Abha Agnihotri Andrew Allan Jean-Michel Ane Emilia L. Apostolova Klaus Appenroth Birgit Arnholdt-Schmitt Ricardo Aroca Isabel Arrillaga Folkard Asch Bayram Atasagun Keiichi Baba Shashi Babbar Frantisek Baluska Balazs Barna D. Bartels Carlos Bartoli Brigitta Basa Chris Beadle Ludger Beerhues Andres Belver Oliver Berkowitz Cincia Bertea(More)
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