Youzou Uchida

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OBJECTIVE To establish similarities or differences in tissue concentrations of zinc, copper, and iron in Bull Terriers with lethal acrodermatitis (LAD) and tail-chasing behavior (TCB) and to confirm the suspicion that copper is involved in the etiopathogenesis of LAD. SAMPLES Serum samples from 29 Bull Terriers (9 control dogs, 6 dogs with LAD, 14 dogs(More)
This study was undertaken to characterize 20 cases of dominance aggression seen at Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine and to investigate the efficacy of our non-confrontational behavior modification program for 8 weeks. The 20 cases included 18 pure breed and 2 mixed breed dogs. Thirteen of the dogs were male. The dogs' ages ranged from 7 to 84(More)
INTRODUCTION We describe three patients with hemophagocytic syndrome (HPS) who developed acute organic brain syndrome. All three presented with high-grade fever and twilight state, and were admitted to our hospital. After admission, delirium developed in all three. As delirium improved, various other psychiatric symptoms, including hallucinations,(More)
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