Youzhong Liu

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This paper describes the design and implementation of a replicable, Internet-based negotiation server for conducting bargaining-type negotiations between enterprises involved in e-commerce and e-business. Enterprises can be buyers and sellers of products/services or participants of a complex supply chain engaged in purchasing, planning, and scheduling.(More)
Business organizations are often faced with decision situations in which the costs and benefits of some competing business specifications such as business offers, product specifications, or negotiation proposals need to be evaluated in order to select the best or desirable ones. In e-business, there is a need to automate the cost–benefit evaluation process(More)
Most fermented products are generated by a mixture of microbes. These microbial consortia perform various biological activities responsible for the nutritional, hygienic, and aromatic qualities of the product. Wine is no exception. Substantial yeast and bacterial biodiversity is observed on grapes, and in both must and wine. The diverse microorganisms(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze the clinical and biological features of familial nonmedullary thyroid carcinoma (FNMTC). METHODS Clinical data of 66 FNMTC cases of 32 pedigrees was retrospectively analyzed, compared with that of 182 control cases taken randomly from the patients with sporadic papillary thyroid carcinoma (SPTC), who were diagnosed and treated in(More)
Interpreting non-targeted metabolomics data remains a challenging task. Signals from non-targeted metabolomics studies stem from a combination of biological causes, complex interactions between them and experimental bias/noise. The resulting data matrix usually contain huge number of variables and only few samples, and classical techniques using nonlinear(More)
Bacterial malolactic fermentation (MLF) has a considerable impact on wine quality. The yeast strain used for primary fermentation can systematically stimulate (MLF+ phenotype) or inhibit (MLF−) bacteria and the MLF process as a function of numerous winemaking practices, but the underlying molecular evidence still remains a mystery. The goal of the study was(More)
Due to the persistence of mainframe applications in most enterprises, modern desktops need to use terminal emulation software to communicate with these applications. With the e -commerce revolution, it has become essential for enterprises to provide web access to these legacy systems to extend their scope to a larger, nomadic population of users. It is(More)