Youzheng Zhang

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This paper presents a research method to directly recognize greeting voice without segmentation to avoid error recognition because of error segmentation. The basic principle of biomimetic pattern recognition is applied to speaker-independent and continuous speech recognition of greeting. The high-dimension space covering theory is applied to the learning(More)
AIM To test changes in the phylogenetic relatedness, niche breadth, and life-history strategies of nematodes along a latitudinal gradient. LOCATION Sixteen wetland locations along the Pacific coast of China, from 20°N to 40°N. METHODS Linear regression was used to relate nematode phylogenetic relatedness (average taxonomic distinctness (AvTD) and(More)
Objective: To research on the application of high dimensional space theory to the biomimetic pattern recognition. Procedures: The sample was constructed into a k-dimensional simplex in a high dimensional space and 0.85 times of the average distance between the vertices was chosen as the threshold value thus a convex cell body covering the k-dimensional(More)
Comparing with traditional statistical modeling methods, support vector machine (SVM) has much advantage for solving regression and classification problems. For nonlinear regression, the kernel function of SVM transforms the nonlinear input space into a high dimensional feature space in which the solution of the problem can be represented as being a linear(More)
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