Youyou Yao

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A liquid metal motor that can "eat" aluminum food and then move spontaneously and swiftly in various solution configurations and structured channels for more than 1 h is discovered. Such a biomimetic mollusk is highly shape self-adaptive by closely conforming to the geometrical space it voyages in. The first ever self-fueled pump is illustrated as one of(More)
Internally triggered motion of an object owns important potential in diverse application areas ranging from micromachines, actuator or sensor, to self-assembly of superstructures. A new conceptual liquid metal machine style has been presented here: the transient state machine that can work as either a large size robot, partial running elements, or just(More)
A transient state machine is demonstrated by J. Liu and co-workers based on findings on the generation, collision, bouncing, adhesion, or coalescence phenomena of self-powered liquid-metal droplet motors. On page 5253, it is shown that such transformable machines could switch among different working configurations such as single robot, separate moving(More)
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