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Here we show that the transcription-repressor DREAM binds to the A20 promoter to repress the expression of A20, the deubiquitinase suppressing inflammatory NF-κB signaling. DREAM-deficient (Dream −/−) mice displayed persistent and unchecked A20 expression in response to endotoxin. DREAM functioned by transcriptionally repressing A20 through binding to(More)
Foxm1, a mammalian Forkhead Box M1 protein, is known as a typical proliferation-associated transcription factor. Here, we find that Foxm1 was essential for maintenance of hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) quiescence and self-renewal capacity in vivo in mice. Reducing expression of FOXM1 also decreased quiescence in human CD34 + HSCs and progenitor cells and its(More)
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