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Evaluation of radiation environment in the target area of fragment separator HFRS at HIAF
In this work, the radiation environment in the target area of a fragment separator is evaluated using FLUKA code. The energy deposition in quadrupole coils is presented to provide guidance for a
High-energy-density physics based on HIAF
High-energy-density physics (HEDP) deals with the study of matter under extreme conditions with an energy density higher than 1011 J/m3, corresponding to a pressure of 100 GPa. Such matter exists in
Experimental study of tritium activity concentration in cooling water of heavy ion research facility in Lanzhou
Cooling water of Heavy Ion Research Facility in Lanzhou is the media of choice for absorbing heat generated by a multitude of accelerator components. During the operation, tritium is produced by
Evaluation of neutron radiation field in carbon ion therapy
The simulated results of neutron energy spectra and neutron dose was found to be in good agreement with the experiment data and it was found that the secondary neutron energy deposition is not expected to exceed 1% of the carbon ion energy deposition in a typical treatment.
Neutron penetration in labyrinths under different beam losses
Multiple analytical methods and Monte Carlo simulations were performed to evaluate neutron penetration in straight and curved labyrinths. Factors studied included variations in beam losses of
Monte Carlo simulation of carbon ion radiotherapy for the human eye
The carbon ion dose in tumor treatment for human eye was calculated with FLUKA code and an 80 MeV/u carbon beam was irradiated into the human eye from two directions to simulate a patient gazing directly into treatment beam during therapy, which may cause a certain medical accident.
Study of neutron dose equivalent at the HIRFL deep tumor therapy terminal
The secondary neutron fields at the deep tumor therapy terminal at HIRFL (Heavy Ion Research Facility in Lanzhou) were investigated. The distributions of neutron ambient dose equivalent were measured