Yousuke Tamura

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PURPOSE Patritumab (U3-1287) is a human epidermal growth factor receptor-3 (HER3)-targeted antibody that blocks ligand-associated activation of HER3. This open-label, phase 1 and dose-finding study ( Identifier: JapicCTI-101262) aimed to assess the safety, pharmacokinetics, incidence of anti-patritumab antibody, recommended dose for(More)
Amlodipine is a dihydropyridine derivative belonging to the group of pharmacologic calcium entry blocking agents and is characterized as having a slow onset and relatively long duration of action with minimal effects on cardiac electrophysiology and myocardial contractility. The protective effect of amlodipine was studied in isolated blood-perfused feline(More)
The cardioprotective effect of amlodipine, a long-acting dihydropyridine derivative, was studied in 2 experimental models of ischemia and reperfusion. Isolated and blood-perfused feline hearts were made globally ischemic for 60 minutes and then reperfused for 60 minutes. Alterations of left ventricular developed pressure and compliance were monitored in(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine prospectively whether interatrial dyssynchrony detected by tissue Doppler imaging (TDI) is useful for predicting the progression to chronic atrial fibrillation (CAF) in patients with non-valvular paroxysmal AF (PAF). METHODS Thirty-seven patients with non-valvular PAF were prospectively followed after echocardiography. The interval(More)
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