Yousuke Tajima

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Effects of chronic hypoxia on hemodynamic response to sensory stimulation were investigated. Using laser-Doppler flowmetry, change in cerebral blood flow (CBF) was measured in awake mice, which were housed in a hypoxic chamber (8% O₂) for 1 month. The degree of increase in CBF evoked by sensory stimulation was gradually decreased over 1 month of chronic(More)
We herein report a patient with leptomeningeal carcinomatosis (LC) in long-term remission from breast cancer, co-existing with a posterior fossa epidermoid and an increase in the serum CA19-9 level which complicated the diagnosis. A 59-year-old woman underwent a left mastectomy due to breast cancer 27 years ago. She was admitted to our hospital suffering(More)
Postoperative tethering of the high cervical spinal cord is a rare cause of neurological deterioration after foramen magnum decompression (FMD) with duraplasty for Chiari type I malformation. A review of the literature revealed that only 5 cases have been reported. This entity is not widely known to occur as a complication of the common surgical procedure(More)
Multi-stage reduction cranioplasty was performed on two children with severe macrocephaly secondary to hydrocephalus. One patient underwent a four-stage operation, and the other underwent a two-stage operation. The postoperative course of both patients was uneventful. Reduction cranioplasty improved quality of life for both patients, and good cosmetic(More)
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