Yousuke Nakamura

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Handheld devices, like cellular phones and PDA (personal digital assistants), have succeeded mainly through the power conscious design of mobile processors. This has resulted in a lack of performable features compared with PCs. Yet, the trend of handheld devices in recent years has been to add sophisticated functions for multimedia processing. Since such a(More)
In modern processors it is difficult to implement a high speed and area effective fault-tolerant execution stage that can tolerate defects and hard faults. The structure of Functional Units (FU) is complicated, unlike registers or cache memory. Conventional approaches are able to tolerate faults but overhead is large. We propose Heterogeneous Functional(More)
By adding a subsystem that provides continuous network service to a host system such as a PC (Personal Computer), even while the host system is sleeping, it is possible to achieve efficient use of the system and energy reduction. Remote management is a typical example. Recently, to maintain network service anytime and anywhere, WWAN (Wireless Wide Area(More)
The leakage of the confidential information from PC (Personal Computer) by being lost or stolen becomes a serious problem especially in business scenes. Each company is taking a countermeasure that would wipe confidential information remotely before a malicious person obtains the PC. However, there is a problem for those countermeasures that do not work(More)
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