Yousuke Nakamura

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Following identification of peak height velocity (PHV) by a recent study as a possible prognostic factor for curve progression in patients with idiopathic scoliosis (IS), the aim of this study was to investigate PHV curves in Japanese female patients with IS. The study subjects were 20 skeletally immature IS patients who were followed until maturity. The(More)
In modern processors it is difficult to implement a high speed and area effective fault-tolerant execution stage that can tolerate defects and hard faults. The structure of Functional Units (FU) is complicated, unlike registers or cache memory. Conventional approaches are able to tolerate faults but overhead is large. We propose Heterogeneous Functional(More)
The ability to fix the eyes on a target, visual fixation, is important for the maintenance of equilibrium. The visual suppression (VS) test is one method of measuring the function of visual fixation. The test records caloric nystagmus by electrooculography, and the maximum slow phase velocity of caloric nystagmus in darkness is compared with the slow phase(More)
Fundamental understanding of the impact of reservoir potentials on the analyte behavior on the microfluidic chips is an important issue in microchip electrophoresis (MCE) for suitable injection and separation of analytes, since the applied potentials may significantly affect the shape of sample plug, sample leakage from the injection channel to the(More)
By adding a subsystem that provides continuous network service to a host system such as a PC (Personal Computer), even while the host system is sleeping, it is possible to achieve efficient use of the system and energy reduction. Remote management is a typical example. Recently, to maintain network service anytime and anywhere, WWAN (Wireless Wide Area(More)
We report a 53-year-old male with Cogan's syndrome. He was admitted to our hospital because of a fever of 2-weeks duration, blurred vision for 10 days, hypoacusis, and numbness of the left hand for 3 days. In addition to uveitis, hypoacusis, and aseptic meningitis, multiple mononeuropathy was diagnosed based on a nerve conduction study. Furthermore,(More)
The leakage of the confidential information from PC (Personal Computer) by being lost or stolen becomes a serious problem especially in business scenes. Each company is taking a countermeasure that would wipe confidential information remotely before a malicious person obtains the PC. However, there is a problem for those countermeasures that do not work(More)
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