Yousuke Fujii

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To identify the chemical forms of aluminum (Al) transported from roots to shoots of tea plants (C. sinensis L.), 27Al-nuclear magnetic resonance and 19F NMR spectroscopy were used to analyze xylem sap. The concentration of Al in collected xylem sap was 0.29 mM, twice as high as that of F. Catechins were not detected in xylem sap. The concentration of malic(More)
Acute megakaryocytic leukemia (AMKL) with t(1;22)(p13;q13) is a distinct category of myeloid leukemia by WHO classification and mainly reported in infants and young children. Accurate diagnosis of this type of AMKL can be difficult, because a subset of patients have a bone marrow (BM) blast percentage of less than 20% due to BM fibrosis. Therefore, it is(More)
BACKGROUND Hypoparathyroidism, sensorineural deafness, and renal dysplasia (HDR) syndrome is an autosomal dominant disorder. We report the first detailed case of hypoparathyroidism complicated by biliary atresia. CASE PRESENTATION A 1-year-old Japanese girl was admitted to our hospital for living donor liver transplantation. She suffered from obstructive(More)
We have already proposed a novel method to provide human tactile sensation using surface acoustic wave (SAW). In this paper, we propose "tele-touch", which realize reproduction of tactile sensation as if to rub remote solid surface. To generate tactile display control parameters, object surface is measured by a fabricated profile scanner. Control parameters(More)
Lung hyperpermeability affects the development of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), but therapeutic strategies for the control of microvascular permeability have not been established. We examined the effects of edaravone, dexamethasone, and N-monomethyl-L-arginine (L-NMMA) on permeability changes in human pulmonary microvascular endothelial cells(More)
This paper investigates a possible architecture to a dynamically adaptable processor. In this architecture, the running application is profiled and dynamic traces of high frequently executed loops (hot paths) are detected. The proposed online profiling methodology is mainly hardware-based so that overhead can be reduced as much as possible. Studying the(More)
Our previous analysis of gene expression profiles in the peripheral blood from patients with influenza A (H1N1) pdm09 pneumonia revealed elevated transcription levels of the vanin-1 (vascular non-inflammatory molecule 1, VNN1) gene, which encodes an epithelial ectoenzyme with pantetheinase activity involved in recycling coenzyme A. Here, to elucidate the(More)
Bordetella pertussis causes life-threatening apnea in infants. Lymphocytosis is an important clue for diagnosis and for determining the severity of pertussis. Antibiotics do not shorten or ameliorate the disease and only decrease the risk of transmission. Antepartum maternal immunization is important for preventing pertussis in infants.
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